Me and dada going to uncle johns fishery

Me and dada going to uncle johns fishery

When me and my dad my mom my little sister gabby went to uncle johns fishery. I was so excited to meet my dad’s uncle john so when we got there. I was so excited to fish in the nicol fishery it felt so cool to be fishing with my dad mom gabby, it was cool so when me and dad were on the boat dad Said to me “Ishy there are fish looking at you”so I Said “really that’s so weird ” so we try to go were the fish were. But we had np luck this day. my mom asked dad  can I try to fish so dad told me to bring this fishing rod to mom. so when I was near mom I told gabby to wait.  after I gave the rod to mom gabby jump in the water so mom try to get gabby, so mom got gabby out of the water. then I so dad run so fast you would not believe it. so me and dad had to stop fishing but I got to meet some of dad’s family uncle john aunty anne and aunty Margret and bev are so really cool ,I want to se them again when we go back to Scotland in 2017

Ishy’s Fly Fishing Tip No 4

The absence of most hatches in the Winter months, you may think  that it’s crazy to look for rising fishes. Trout will sometimes but not always rise during Winter,  it will nearly always be to small midges or  olive mayflies.  using a small midge emerger or small olive mayfly to find these fish. The other good thing about this, it will help you relive those warm Summer months chasing rising trout all day long.

Ishy’s Winter Fly Fishing Tip No. 2 – Learn Where the Fish are hiding

As with the last advice about fishing slow and deep, fish will tend to stay together in deeper, slower water. Once you connect with a fish in one of these areas, try not to be to noisey and disturb the area too much. There is a good chance that there are more fish waiting there. If  you find yourself not hooking into any more fish, move on to the next area.



Busted , a few memories from ishys dad, i was 16 or 17 at this time and fishing the river leven at the time, i was given some advice by mr jim mackay to try just inside tullis russell paper mill, He told me of the Hole in the fence to get in, yeah i know im not ment to do things like that , and i know its not setting a good example for my daughter, hey we all make mistakes. back to what i was saying. I made it to the spot i was told about and started to fish luck seemed to be on my side that day, as i caught so many fish in the space of a short time. My Spar plastic bag was full and very very heavy , then it happened, this booming voice on the other side of the river. Hey you son your not ment to be in here its private property get out of it now or i will get the police to you, i know who you are son, so go on get out of it, leave these fish, to which i replied no f-en chance. He started to walk to the bridge at the far end of the river, i reeled in my line doing so ..bang i was hooked into a fish with one eye on the guard and the other trying to play a fish , i saw that the guard had stopped walking and was watching me. I was lucky to land the fish a nice sized rainbow it was to. I collected my rod and bag and net with the fish still in it and scarepered back threw the hole in the fence. Many times that guard would always shout at me and chase me but was never able to catch me. Many many many times i would go back to that place fishing on occasion. I would find the hole in the fence patched up so i would just climb over the fence to get to my fishing spot. it was a great place to fish all these years ago.

lochness fishing misadventure

The time me and dad went fishing with When me and dad went fishing with Mr Sutherland and when we got there it was so cold but when we got in the boat. Mr Sutherland showed me the kind of flies too use for trout fishing and I did not no that there was so many kinds of fly too use. And when I was fishing I got one fish and I was so happy that I caught my first trout and I was so jumpy so I went and try too see if I could catch another one and I did. when I caught it my dad was so happy for me I was so glad that I caught it. My dad  was making a video. I hook a third fish and the rod was bending so much. I was trying to catch it but it was so heavy I lost it and I was so mad but at least dad got it on video so it was fine by me But until now I’m still mad a about that fish getting away but that was not just any trout it was a big trout so if I go there again I want too catch it again.I had accident when we were fishing I had to go for the toilet and when I tried to get out of the boat I fell in the loch ,and I was so cold, but my fish made me happy.



Raith Lake July 2014

  • IMG_2842My fist time fishingWas when me and dad went fishing to the Raith lake fishery in Kirkcaldy.
    The Fishing  was  scary  because the boat was Shaking so much.
    I felt the boat will go up side down but it I didnt. We didn’t get any fish but at least i tried to catch fish. Now I know what it’s like to fish and I now that you need patience when you go fishing.
    I now know how to fish a little bit and it’s going to be hard for me but I like to try my best to fish .
  • Raith Lake

The Nicol Fishing family welcomes you

Hi this fishing website is dedicated to the nicol family and there love of fishing, whether it be fly fishing or spinning or bait please stay Hooked for news of upcoming fishing trips, and a few trips down memory lane.

It has taken us almost two years to get round to writing this blog of our fishing Adventures or should I say mis adventures.Let me introduce my self I’m DaDa to my friends here in japan, yes I did say japan osaka to be exact, to others I’m Graham sensei, to my family I’m just dad. Now let me introduce my fishing partners in crime, my eldest daughter Ayeisha we call her ishy for short, next up is My misses , now I have many nicknames for her, but for keeping the peace I call her mamaboo, and last we have mega minion Gabrielle or gabby who I hope and pray she will join this loopy multi national family of fisher people.

Now fishing runs deep in my side of the family, As a youngster I loved to go fishing on grandads boat keisha it was awesome fishing from the boat and catching mackerel and trout but catching mostly mackerel with feather hooks. My dad loved sea fishing, me not so much as I would throw up. My granny and grandad were awesome fishers, and I remember grandad bring Salmon back to the farm that he had caught they were so good to eat.

At the age of about sixteen grandad took me this fishing tackle shop in Perth where he bought me this fly rod and reel at that time I had never fly fished before and I was full of pride with this new rod and reel and feeling a bit nervous too as I had never fly fished. Grandad taught me the basics of fly fishing and I hope he would be happy that I still love fishing to this day. In my younger days I tended to spin fish and bait fish with maggots worms cheese and I had lots of success fishing these methods. I had two favored rods back then a Shakespeare 7ft ugly stik for spinning, and a cheap rod and reel I bought in Woolworth’s in Glenrothes.I caught so many fish with the woolies rod it was fantastic. Ok back to what I was saying grandad took me to many places to go fishing from lochs to Resivour and to the river tay and loch Leven with cousin Andrew.

Over the years I have still fished various methods but as I’m getting older I find I’m enjoying fly fishing more and more. And I’m now trying to pass on my experiences to my family. A favorite place I liked to fish was the river eden also the river Leven that runs threw Glenrothes park, there was also a few other great places I would go which I’m keeping secret , just in case one day its possible to go back there with my girls. I know it maybe heard to visit these places as I’m at the other side of the world, but hey who knows it may be possible.

Now I come to this my mum was a good fisher according to her mum when she was younger but had a reputation for dubious fishing tactics, so I will say no more about that at this point un less I’m pushed on this subject hehe.I remember getting this huge dark blue Shakespeare fishing box for my sixteenth birthday(which I still have to this day) along with waders from aunty Anne and uncle john. When I moved here to Japan I thought I would have many chances to go fishing as there are so many rivers ,its not the case for trout fishing you have to go to the north of japan and let me tell you its very cold up there colder than Scotland and that’s saying something.